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Here’s the link to my picasa album for the “best of” collection from the trip. It’s a little large, 233 pictures but that’s nothing compared to the 13K+ I whittled it down from!


Egypt November 2010

Our hotel had a rooftop patio where they played music videos on a projector against the wall. This video was on a pretty heavy rotation… so much that Adrian and I found ourselves humming the main riff.

Things to notice… The guys nice pudgy stomac, the too hot girlfriend, the hilarious motorcycle get up


Aswan seemed like a nice city from the time we spent there. The Nile is very beautiful there.

Once we got off the freakin’ bus we went on a boat ride to the Nubian Village, we were allowed to sit on the roof of the boat as it traveled against the current to reach the village. It was nice to see the stars after spending so much time in smoggy Cairo!

After we finished checking out the Nubian Village and ate our supper on a “parked” felucca, Adrian and I went to explore the city a little and to find an ATM to take out some more money. We stumbled onto a brightly lit market and wandered around there for a while, it was very nice. Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend any more time there as the cruise left the next day!

The Bus

Instead of blogging about individual days from the tour I thought I would wrap up this travel blog by talking about of a few of the tour highlights, starting with THE BUS.

We were supposed to take an overnight train to Aswan from Cairo, do the Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor and then take another overnight train back to Cairo. Unfortunately the tour company was having problems with the Egyptian train system lately, they were doing double bookings of seats so I guess people weren’t getting their seats. They replaced the train with a bus, I figured it would be a comfortable bus with space enough to be able to sleep comfortably on… NOT SO MUCH.

They bundled us along with another tour group for our bus ride and they got on first so all the good seats were taken. Adrian and I ended up in the very back row where the seats don’t recline and there is little leg room. After spending the night trying to sleep in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions we made it to Luxor. While going through Luxor our bus had to stop since the president of Egypt’s wife might be passing by. We ended up having to wait on the side of the road for a good half an hour before the police were sure she wasn’t going to take the route that would bring her passed us. So back in the bus to complete our journey to Aswan… right? NOPE! The bus ended up breaking down about an hour into the ride! We were stranded on the side of the road again! Apparently the bus blow the hose for the radiator. We sat on the side of the road for an hour in a half while they tried to fix the problem and eventually called a mechanic. The tourist police came to guard us while all this was going on too!

We ended up getting to Aswan four hours late and our poor tour leader did his best to try to make it so we did a good portion of the activities we had scheduled, unfortunately we had to bump sailing in a felucca on the Nile, we still got to eat in it though!

Once our Nile cruise finished we had to get back in the %#$@*!-ing bus again for a 12 hour trip back to Cairo… YUCK! At least it didn’t break down this time!


Just another reason why I hate Internet Explorer… I just wrote a nice update and tried to submit it, the Internet connection is a little iffy here and it errored when I submitted, I pressed the back button to try again… all the text was gone!!! YAY!

Firefox or Chrome would have kept the text there for me… thanks IE!

See you all soon, we`re about to board the shuttle bus to the aiport in Zurich.

Heading home!

Well my trip to Egypt has finally come to a close! It was sometimes crazy, sometimes stressful, sometimes (OK… often) uncomfortable and definitely not hassle free but I enjoyed it so much and am so glad to have come.

I will definitely be returning to Canada with a new appreciation for the cleanliness, the space and the fact that there are actually rules! I hope Canada never becomes overpopulated like this, it’s totally insane!

It’s 10 AM here right now and we will be leaving to the airport at noon, splitting the hotel “limousine” (really just a normal car) with our travel mate Pete, and flying to Zurich at 4 PM. We will get there around 7 and head to the hotel we booked, hopefully having enough energy to take a quick walk around (I doubt there will be anything to really check out around the airport). We fly out at noon the next day and land in Canada at 3:15 where my loving father will drive us back to Ottawa.


Hey Dan. It's been fun reading your blog entries. Certainly brings back memories of my time in Cairo. As you have noticed, we usually found it best just to "rent" a taxi for the day although it did involve several trips to brother-in-law's jewelry stores and brother-in-law's carpet stores and ... You are really going to enjoy the Egyptian history once you get out of the city.

That I did, the temples were absolutely amazing!

With all it’s craziness I actually really enjoyed Cairo, it was nice to “really” experience the city instead of being shuttled around with a tour and having everything laid out for you while being protected from a lot of the hassle.


Another small entry!

In almost every city we’ve visited deep down in my throat has burned and I’ve gotten a cough, I’m so glad it’s not like this back home!

Our tour leader said that Cairo is the second most polluted city in the world behind Tokyo! INSANE!


Am I glad I came? ABSOLUTELY

Would I recommend coming? ABSOLUTELY

Am I glad to be heading home? Like you wouldn’t believe!

Will I ever come back? I can’t almost guarantee not!

More blogs to come… in a couple days time

I’m way too tired right now to write about anything right now and need to use the internet to find a hotel in Zurich.